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Awards - 2021

We began our award ceremony this year to appreciate the young buds who have proven themselves in Koodugal, in which students and schools were presented with various awards based on their contributions. On March 20, 2021, World Sparrow day, students who were involved in continuous sparrow tracking received the ‘Sparrow Saver Award’. A total of 17 students from Various schools were recognised and given our prestigious awards for their meticulous work in sparrow conservation. Koodugal is gratified to present these honours to all the award winners.

DHSS was awarded the ‘Sparrow Saver Award’ for their support in sparrow conservation by providing huge support from the beginning. They provided us with a large space to work on our conservation projects. They gave us a lot of students as volunteers to collaborate and make nest boxes with the maximum number of workshops. Teachers also gave excellent support by guiding the students. We thank the management for their financial support throughout the collaboration.

The ‘Sparrow Sanctuary Award’ was given to RPC for its support in establishing the first sparrow sanctuary on the building of their school. This is a new project from our team. We thank the management for providing space for the first World Sparrow Day which was a grand success. They also provided continuous financial support for our team.

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