Offerings By KOODUGAL

Offerings by KOODUGAL கூடுகள் (NEST - Network for Environment Sustainability Trust)
  • Awareness Program
  • Organizing the workshop
  • Wildlife Photography Exhibition
  • Inauguration of sparrow club
  • Organizing rally
  • Establishing Sparrow Sanctuary
Awareness Program:
  • This Awareness program will be conducted mainly to the Students community in schools and also to some interested Public. This program will raise the Spark in their mind, about their lifestyle and need for Sparrows.
  • This Program will lead the way to campaigns, or initiatives that increase audience knowledge about Sparrow conservation and food chain distribution and shares information about the initial assessment of the presence of Sparrows.
Work Shop:
  • This hands-on training-based introduction workshop will provide a broad overview of materials, nest making, machinery handling, installing, monitoring and Conservation.
  • The course will consist of presentations before the workshop and followed by a hands-on session.
  • A Student will be made into a team of two, for 10 teams a coordinator will be appointed to monitor. The six parts required for the nest making will be already made and provided to the students by KOODUGAL Volunteers.
  • This workshop provides important information in the training of anyone that needs to understand Sparrow conservation and Installation.
Wild life photography Exhibition:
  • The photos should have the contents of wild animals particularly Sparrows and preferably in natural settings.
  • The exhibition is being organized in any one of the schools which signed an MOU with KOODUGAL.
  • Students from various schools are brought together to view the photos and explanations will be given. This also provides a platform for the students to exhibit their photos.
Organizing Rally:
  • Rally will help you create a strong campaign that will increase community awareness of Sparrow Conservation.
  • This event is targeting a member near the schools where the nominal sparrow counts are in and around. It makes the most sense to hold your rally near their school.
  • Rallies are often held during working hours on any important conservation days when there is the best chance of getting the media and the attention of People.
  • In the rally, during the time when the day turns out the most people, a Speech will be given by guest invitees about sparrow conservation.
Establishing Sparrow Sanctuary:
  • Establishing a sanctuary for sparrows in your schools has many benefits. Birding gives us a chance to experience nature in a world that has become far too crowded and see it up close in our own school. Watching the antics of the sparrows and other songbirds has a calming effect and may help to relieve stress.
  • Attracting beautiful sparrows to your yard isn’t as hard as you might think. If you simply provide the things they need, there is a very good chance they will quickly find their way to school. In this program, you’ll learn some simple ideas for turning your backyard into a Sparrow habitat.
  • Sparrow Sanctuary is educational, for children and adults. The whole school can get involved, providing an ecological learning opportunity that is hard to experience when birds are dispersed throughout the schools and fields.
Inaugurating Sparrow Clubs:
  • Sparrow clubs in schools will encourage students to get involved in meaningful environmental projects and events. It’s a platform for students to reach out to their parents and neighbours in order to influence and engage them in environmental behaviour. It will allow students to go beyond the boundaries of a syllabus or curriculum to investigate environmental concepts and behaviour.
  • Every school’s Sparrow Club could be coordinated by any inspired instructor at the school and a group of inspired students who will be supported by a KOODUGAL coordinator in learning about the environment and taking action to better their immediate surroundings. They will also offer a fantastic opportunity to help students raise awareness, develop habits, and engage in real-world experiences in ways that the classroom and curriculum will not afford. The sparrow Club could be coordinated by any inspired instructor at the school.