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Nestle India Limited

Koodugal is delighted to have received a token of appreciation from Nestle India for establishing two sparrow sanctuaries. We are also privileged to receive an appreciation gift from Nestle India, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to them for this generous gesture. Special gratitude is extended to Mr. Narayanan Ramamurthy, Head – Branch Corporate, Nestle India Limited, for his support and collaboration. We sincerely appreciate Nestle India’s recognition and look forward to continuing our efforts in environmental conservation and community engagement.

Tamil Nadu Leadership Award

The year 2023 concluded with the presentation of the Tamil Nadu Leadership Award 2023, hosted by the World CSR Congress—an organization known for organizing global-level events. Koodugal is honored to stand among the distinguished corporate leaders who have received this prestigious award. We express our gratitude and pride in accepting this recognition, especially from esteemed leaders such as Ms. Kavita Rajan, Vice President of ADP India. Their acknowledgment adds significance to this achievement, and we remain committed to upholding the standards of leadership and excellence in our endeavors.

Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology

It is with immense pleasure and pride that we extend our warmest congratulations to you for receiving the Tamil Nadu Leadership Award 2023 from the World CSR Congress.
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