Sparrow Conservation

Giant Leaps Begin with a Single Step...

Koodugal (NEST – Network for Environment Sustainability Trust) as a unified team is trying to recreate, reduce and solve. By recreating a space for sparrows in your homes we are trying to save a species on the verge of extinction and thereby can balance the food chain.

Sparrow Conservation


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Not to confine the sparrow as a pet as we do with other birds; but rather provide space to share and live with us. We recreated that space for the sparrow by distributing a nest among school students.

The house sparrow has evolved with humans, known only to live in close contact with us, instead of forests. For years, it has peacefully coexisted with us in our buildings and gardens, but in the last two decades, their population is on the decline in almost every city. The reasons attributed are: rapidly changing cities are no longer a suitable habitat for the house sparrow, as the new and modern designs of infrastructure do not give any room for the sparrow to nest; pollution caused by microwave towers and pesticides; the house sparrow loses its foraging grounds (natural grasslands) as the green spaces in our cities give way to more concrete constructions.

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