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Engage ur children with new activities in the upcoming vacations.

Koodugal Presents - String ART

Mary Everest Boole invented string art at the end of the 19th century to make mathematical ideas accessible to students. In the late 1960s, it was popularised as a decorative craft through kits and books.

Any art and craft works give everyone a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their efficient work, which builds CONFIDENCE. We get to try new things and also develop their “self-regulation skills” (e.g. when waiting for fixing to complete the nails, threading, painting, glue to dry, and final designs to come). This helps to develop PATIENCE, which is all we need. Someone spent time making it by hand instead of just pushing a button and letting a machine do it. So encourage this kind of work for these handmade wooden arts (reducing plastics which gives great pleasure to nature). Crafting gives you happiness, good health, and creativity. If you are happy, healthy and not stressed out as you create, you become more patient, generous and kind to others. Crafting also encourages you to share what you create with others.

Koodugal always gives string art handmade gifts to encourage others to’s one of the ways to Reduce Plastics. Moreover, it creates excellent awareness among younger minds. Every handmade gift needs more patience and concentration. Generally, skills are utensils, and bags are given in a function return. Apart from this, we have to provide daily remember Handmade gifts. Reduce Plastics to motivate others to gift like this Mini Keyholder, Nameboard keyholder, Brandname keyholder, Birthday function gifts, Catlovers, Elephant lovers, religious gifts, Special Day wishes, and Motivational words will be customised Handmade eco-friendly gifts are always Precious. 
Koodugal is launching this for fundraising.
To Encourage ur budding entrepreneurs friends by giving a valuable gift to make them happy and too our nature..

U can get ur string Nameboards, Motivational quotes while seeing this u felt like more motivated so do it for ur house, office and ur loved ones

Birthday wishes, Memories of a special person, Special day celebrations birthdays, Wedding Days, 🏠 House Warming, Naming Ceremony
Customize your own 🧵 Art, get 🔨 with your Names, Photos and Best for gifting and decorating, motivating
Try this and make our own which we wants and try to motivate others to be more Creative.

Don’t wait for others to give 🧤, do initiate 🆕 things to achieve Our 🥅.

Koodugal to launch a new initiative for "raising Funds"

If u like this then try it for our loved ones or else. Kindly visit Koodugal Creation and koodugal Organization YouTube channel

Program organised so far under koodugal product:
  1. DHSS & Vikatan string Art Exhibition & awareness on 23-4-22
  2. Bharat medical College & hospital string Art Exhibition & on 4-6-22
  3. Metro zone string Art Exhibition on 5-6-22
  4. Vidhyodhayaa Matriculation school Erode string Art Exhibition on 30-7-22
  5. Workshop & Exhibition of string Art-without plastics
  6. Skill development program for students on 24-8-22 at DHSS


Our Recent Workshops

1st Skill Development Program

Events All Events String Art Category: String Art 1st Skill Development Program Venue: Dhanalakshmi Higher Secondary School, Royapuram, Chennai 600 013 Date & Time: 22.08.2022

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2nd Skill Development Program

Events All Events Workshop Category: Workshop 2nd Skill Development Program Workshop on Making of “String Art” Venue: J.N.N Institute of Engineering, Thiruvallur Date & Time:

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