Category: Awareness Program on Sparrow Conservation & Nest distribution,
String Art workshop, String Art Exhibition.

Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation

Venue: Revoor Padmanabha Chetty Matric Hr. Sec. School
Date & Time: 16.09.2023 – 01.00 AM to 03.45 PM

Event Details:

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Name: Mr Ganeshan
Organization: KOODUGAL Trust
Name: Mr. Prabakaran
Organization: RPC School Correspondent

Event organiser



Mr. Ganeshan – KOODUGAL TEAM


General: The program was organised by the Koodugal team. This event is an awareness program on conserving tiny birds (sparrows). In total, 200 boxes were distributed to the students to take home to give place to the sparrows.
Guest: Stressed the importance of physical activity in day-to-day life. Showcased String art, a small innovative work to reduce the use of plastic gifts. Conducted a Skill development program for students to make their own products (String Art) using only biodegradable materials. This hands-on training will give me some confidence to do more innovative work.


  • Stressed the importance of Birds to students
  • Sparrows’ role in Food Chain
  • By preserving Sparrow, we can improve the living standard
  • Also, the guest explained the importance of Organic farming.
  • Hands-on training was given to students

Snapshot of the event

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A small step but a giant leap in
conservation of Sparrows

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