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Rally for Conservation of Sparrows

Venue: Dhanalakshmi Higher Secondary School, Royapuram

Date: 01.02.2020

‘Coming together is a Beginning Staying together is Progress Working together is a Success’

EMAI is a trust for environment monitoring and action initiating. It is an organization which works to promote awareness of sparrows and conserve them by providing sparrow boxes.


   To make Awareness of the Conservation of Sparrows public a rally was conducted with 1000 students from ‘Dhanalakshmi Higher Secondary School’ and ‘Vallal S I Alagarsamy Chettiar Higher Secondary School’ on 01.02.2020.
   Highlights of the program were wonderful placards with beautiful information and 12 meters painted Banner that made the public turn their faces for a few seconds.

  • Co-Ordinator:
    • Mr D. Ganeshan, Environmentalist, Koodugal Organisation.
  • Volunteers:
    • Mr Durai Raj (GAV Textiles), Mr Chandru (GAV Textiles), Ms Christina (RGCE), Mr Gokul (SRM IST), Mr Vishal (SRM IST)


  • Mr.A.Anbuvanan, Head Master of the school Addressed the gathering about the rally, motivated the students and explained the importance of bird conservation in the world and how it helps the human life to be happy in the environment
  • Dr T.Murugavel, Professor and Head of EMAI-SVCE-CARE discoursed how to protect and observe the sparrows.
  • Mr Shesan (Zoological Survey of India), Retired senior wildlife Photographer addressed the gathering and inaugurated the rally for sparrows.

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A small step but a giant leap in
conservation of Sparrows