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Sparrow Conservation Programme to Public

Venue: Dhanalakshmi Higher Secondary School, Royapuram

Date: 07.11.2019

‘There is as much freedom of the spirit in watching sparrows on a city street as in meditating in some mountain solitude under the stars
EMAI is a trust for environment monitoring and action initiating. It is an organization which works to promote awareness of sparrows and conserve them by providing sparrow boxes.


An awareness program on sparrow conservation was conducted at ‘Dhanalakshmi Higher Secondary School’, Royapuram on 20th July 2019, Head Master took this awareness of birds to the public with students on 07th Nov 2019 between 02.30 PM to 04.30 PM.
A total number of 50 students participated from various classes in the programme and distributed 50 nest boxes to the public in nearby streets.

Distribution Of Sparrow Boxes:

The team of EMAI provided sparrow nest boxes to the public and later fixed the boxes. The students from various schools collected boxes from the team.

Address to the STUDENTS:

  • Mr.D. Ganeshan, an Environmentalist, Koodugal Organisation addressed the students about birds and the ways to conserve sparrows as students with the support of parents.


Mr. Prashanth (SRM IST), Mr. Vishal (Digital Work – SRM IST, KTR)

Chief Guest

Mr.D.Ganeshan | Environmentalist | Koodugal Organisation

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A small step but a giant leap in
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