Category: Wildlife Photography Exhibition

Wildlife Photo Exhibition @ KCSN HSS

Venue: K.C. Sankaralinga Nadar Higher Secondary School

Date & Time: 31.08.2019

“The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans”

EMAI is a trust for environment monitoring and action initiating. It is an organization which works to promote awareness on sparrows and conserve them by providing sparrow boxes.


Wildlife Photo Exhibition for 2 days is conducted at ‘K.C. Sankaralinga Nadar Higher Secondary School’, Royapuram on 31.08.2019 to encourage students on wildlife conservation by wildlife photographers.


Mr E.Shanmuganatham, Wildlife Photographer and Writer addressed the students about birds and the ways to conserve sparrows as students.

Co-Ordinators: KOODUGAL Team

Chief Guest: Mr.D.Ganeshan | Environmentalist |Koodugal Organisation

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A small step but a giant leap in
conservation of Sparrows